Quanty Accessory Subscription

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Keep the transmogrifying fun going with a six month Quanty Accessory Subscription!  Your one time payment covers the entire six month period of fun subscription shipments!

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Keep the transmogrifying fun going with a Quanty Accessory Subscription!  You get 6 months of:

  • Early access to digital Quanty downloads (printable PDF alternative game rules, for example)
  • Additional accessories mailed every 5 to 8 weeks (USPS):
    • One FREE 18 Gluon Stick variety pack!
    • One FREE 6 Gluon Stick pack!
    • Limited quantity accessories direct from our GAME DESIGN LAB to subscribers!

When you receive your Quanty game, the fun is just beginning!  With your Quanty Accessory Subscription option, you’ll enjoy six full months of digital downloads only available to Quanty owners and three to six physical mailings of Quanty game extensions, bonus accessories, and limited subscriber only accessories direct from our GAME LAB!

As a collectible game and toy, each Quanty is uniquely identified at the time it is built and it is assigned a serial number.   With an optional Quanty Accessory Subscription, about every two to three weeks you can expect either a special digital download or accessories that further enhance the uniqueness of your Quanty game!

More creative possibilities, more game possibilities, and more FUN with the Quanty Accessory Subscription!